Here are 10 awesome ways to use stevia in the kitchen

If you normally use Stevia simply just to sweeten your drinks (like I do), imagine the other things that you can make in the kitchen using it. We must admit that we don’t really know the ingredients used on most of the food that we eat outside our home (hello! Even plastic food is scary, right?), so my latest advocacy is to make sure that the people who are behind the things that you eat are those who can be trusted. Otherwise, please find time to work in the kitchen and cook your own food instead! At least you’ll know if what you’re using is really coming from legit sources.
Meantime, find the use of this natural sweetener with these delectable eats!

1 – Guilt-free cakes

Liven it up with a healthy addition of fruits and nuts for added flavor and natural sugars!

2 – Stevia based cookies

Craving for chocolate chip cookies? You can even make your own chocolate chips! Visit to get the full recipe.

3 – Alternative sweetener for icings

Even cookies need icings, yes, but they absolutely look better on top of a cupcake! Sugar loaded icings no more!

4 – Sweet smoothies? No problem!

Stevia mixed with the natural fruit goodness in smoothies will surely fill you up anytime of the day.

5 – Breads

A lot of bread need some sweet lovin’ for that yeast to work. This goes for all bread in general, so make sure you use an alternative for it. Tip: make sure that your stevia is also combined with a bulking agent so that your dough would rise even better.

6 – Savory dishes

Need that extra oomph on your spaghetti sauce? Add stevia instead of sugar!

7 – Soups and stews

This pumpkin and leek soup deserves a little sweetness using stevia to balance out the flavors of the dish!

8 – Sauces and dips

Making sauces always require you to get that jar of sugar, so why don’t you use a couple of packets of stevia as an alternative?

9 – Marinades

Whether it’s for a rub or a liquid marinade for things like barbecue or kebabs, you’ll surely enjoy the natural sweetness of stevia to make your dish a real winner!

10 – Last but definitely not the least, cocktails!

Because for me, LIQUOR is life! But guilt-free cocktails is ‘LIFER’. This mojito, for instance, usually requires muddled sugar. And having 5 glasses means having 5 tablespoons of sugar.
Whoa! There’s no doubt guys. Let’s use stevia instead!

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Disclosure: All views expressed in this article are from the author. All photos used in this article are taken from my favorite stock image site.