5 Hacks for Quick Stress-Relief

Stress relief takes less time than you think! In his fast-paced world, you need to recharge once in a while. Here are some ways to escape the claws of the daily grind and keep yourself afloat without having to break the bank or going on full hermit mode.


  1. Practice meditation and breathing techniques


This can literally take less than 15 minutes. Dedicating even just 5 or 10 minutes of your time a day for meditation has been shown to significantly reduce stress levels. Daily meditation is said to alter the brain’s neural pathways, says Robbie Maller Hartman, phD, a health and wellness coach from Chicago.

It could be as simple as closing your eyes while sitting upright, and being mindful of your breathing. Stay focused on the act of deep breathing. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, getting into the rhythm of things.

According to psychologist Judith Tutin, PhD, “Deep breathing counters the effects of stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.”


  1. Blow Some Steam Off: Communicate with your trusted friends and loved ones

Everyone needs a support group, and yes, no man is an island. This is when you could lean on the ones who truly care. If something’s weighing heavy on you, you could share what’s stressing you out, or simply hang with them and do something fun. Get fresh perspectives, and strengthen your ties with them in the process.


Tune in to your body’s needs and find your center by listening to relaxing music

Practice mindfulness at the full physical level and let all thoughts float while listening to soothing music. This is known to decrease blood pressure and lessen cortisol, a hormone that is linked to stress.

Mentally scan your body to get a sense of how stress affects it each day. Lie on your back, or sit with your feet on the floor. Start at your toes, and work your way up to your scalp, noticing how your body feels. Nature sounds or classical music usually does the trick!



Get Some Regular Exercise

Yoga, walking, running, weights, whatever floats your boat! Any form of exercise, as long as you are physically able, could decrease the risk of depression and anxiety. The brain releases endorphins, which gives certain spike in energy and well-being that could improves moods.

You don’t have to be a power lifter or a marathon runner to reap the benefits of exercise. Even a mere 10-15 minutes a day would work wonders to help lift your spirits!


Eat a balanced, healthy diet

Yes, stress levels and food choices are interconnected. Stress often drives us to eat all the unhealthy junk food we could grab- calorie-rich food loaded with catastrophic amounts of sugar and fat that wreak havoc on our body, especially if consumed ravenously at a short span of time: a.k.a. bingeing. “I deserve this cake after a stressful day,” or “I deserve ice cream after a stressful day,” could easily turn into “I deserve insane amounts of cake AND ice cream after a stressful day!”

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