7 Snacks under 100 Calories

Shoving every morsel into your mouth when snacking seems to be a default eating behavior for most people. As Washington-based eating disorder specialist Dr. Gregory L. Jantz, put it, “Often, snacks aren’t eaten because you’re hungry, but because you are bored or are simply used to munching while you engage in certain activities.”

He says that optimizing the timing of healthy snacks in between meals will help with blood sugar regulation throughout the day, instead of engaging in “feast or famine” swings.

Here are seven snacks you could try to help with weight maintenance, all under 100 calories!

1.) Hard-Boiled Egg

You could prepare this ahead of time by boiling a batch, and putting them in the fridge when it’s time to snack. Each hard-boiled egg is only worth around 78 calories, and has over 6 grams of protein. Dr. Jantz says that this high-protein snack is good for midmorning to afternoon snacking to help prevent overeating later in the day.

2.) A Handful of Almonds (10-15 nuts)

Another rich source of protein, almonds are also a good source of healthy unsaturated fat. They’re also a good substitute for carbohydrates. Consuming a decent handful of these nuts gives you an energy boost worth over 90-100 calories.

Researchers at the American Heart Association found that consuming almonds in place of saturated fat rich carbs like white bread improved heart health, decreased cholesterol and belly fat.

3.) 1 Piece of String Cheese

Practical for people on the go, string cheese is also a protein and calcium-rich snack. One piece of part-skim milk string cheese packs 8 grams of protein, with over 80 calrories.

4.) One (1) Orange

Packing over 60 calories apiece,  fiber-rich oranges are low in natural sugar and high in vitamins.


5.) Raw Baby Carrots (8 pieces) with 1 tablespoon of dip

Craving for crunchy chips? You don’t need the extra fat from that. Get some raw baby carrots instead, and pair it with low-fat dips like hummus or salsa for an extra kick.

You can eat up to eight of them and it’s just going to cost you 40 calories so you’d still have a tablespoon’s worth left for your dip!  Rich in carotenoids ad Vitamin A, it can help boost eyesight and keep hunger at bay with its high fiber content.

6.) Air-Popped Popcorn (3 cups for 90 calories)

Eat mindfully! Grab and eat each kernel at a leisurely pace, savoring every bite to make it last longer! One cup has over 30 calories, making a total of three cups under the 100 calorie limit.

Using an air popper eliminates the extra fat and unhealthy additives like msg from artifical flavoring.

6.) 1 Cup of Fresh Melon

Every one cup serving of melons contain between 45-60 calories. Two cups would be more than enough to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Have a go at combining melon varieties (such as watermelon, honeydew or cantaloupe) for a colorful, flavorful and nutritious snack! It’s good served cold, and satisfying because of the great combination of flavors.

7.) Berry-Banana Smoothie with Leaflife Stevia

Satisfy your sweet tooth and cool down this summer with a great smoothie recipe! Make sure you sweeten it with a no-sugar alternative sweetener like Leaflife Stevia. Blueberries are low on calories, and adding a carb-free, zero-calorie sweetner like Leaflife Stevia makes it even more satisfying. Here’s a recipe you could easily make for snacking!

Smart snacking is crucial for those suffering from diseases like hypertension, and diabetes to name a few. Hunger pangs cause dips and spikes in blood sugar levels, and may cause debilitating symptoms such as irritability, somnolence/weakness, or diziness.

Making better choices for snacking at regular intervals throughout the day helps regulate blood sugar and keep the debilitating symptoms at bay.

Leaflife Stevia sweetener is a proudly Filipino made brand of stevia sweetener that is most ideal for flavoring healthy snacks and beverages. It is a good sugar alternative for diabetics and hypertensives, and also helps with weight loss because it has zero carbs and zero calories.

Switching to Leaflife Stevia zero-carb sweetener may also lowers the risk of having dental ailments, and skin problems caused by high sugar intake.


Make Leaflife Stevia carb-free sweetner a part of your healthy eating plan!

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