Active children should have healthy packed lunches and snacks at the ready for their breaks. If you’re at a bit of a loss as to how you could prepare a healthier back-to-school lunch box for your kids, don’t fret. We’ve got some healthy lunch box prepping tips that would certainly help you hit the ground running.

The important thing is to find a balance in the food you pack into their lunch boxes. Include a serving of fresh fruit like an apple, or a banana, a combination of protein and carbs (make a healthy turkey or chicken sandwich! Tuna sandwiches are also a great source of protein) and dairy (you could opt to add cheese to the sandwich, or separately pack a beverage of their favorite chocolate milk drink).

Drinks with too much sugar like canned sodas and select sport drinks increases the risk of having early tooth decay, so natural fruit juices, and water work best for hydration. Staying away from sugary jams and chocolate spreads for their sandwiches is also great for their oral health.

Other options you could offer them are crunchy vegetables, alternative sources of protein like hardboiled egg or a peanut butter sandwich. For their serving of carbohydrates, starchy food like a bread roll, fruit bread or cracker work best for packing, and as satisfying snacks.

If you have time, try making your own bread! As much as possible, do not take the easy way out by buying and packing instant sugary snacks like donuts or sticky breakfast bars, as these are too high in sugar. Muffins and cakes are a great hit with kids (and us adults, too!), because of its sweet flavor. You could incorporate fruits or vegetables into your recipes. Make a carrot cake, or some bread roll infused with bits of malunggay leaves. You could prepare these and other food items (ulam with sarsas, sandwiches and many more) ahead of time and freeze them to save on time during the busy weekdays.

You could substitute sugar with Leaflife Stevia zero-carb sweetner for making pastries and bread for your kids! It’s an all-natural, zero-calorie stevia sweetner that could be used like sugar for sweetening cakes, cookies, and even savory dishes that require a tad of sweetness.

Making sure they have healthy food in their lunchboxes fuels them throughout the day, allowing them to concentrate and learn with ease.

You could even make them participate in preparing their lunch pastries a day prior (or why not start a weekend baking tradition?) to make it a fun bonding activity! Encourage them to list down their favorites, and commend them for their healthy food choices and habits.

Try making sugar-free ginger-spiced cookie with Leaflife Stevia recipe (hyperlink to recipe page). This just might be your kids’ next favorite lunchbox treat.


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