Believe it or not, I have diabetes. Yes I’m only 31 years old and I have it. Maybe its because of my lifestyle and also because my parents have it too but none the less there are still things that I could do. Enter STEVIA.
Stevia is a 100% Natural Sweetener. It’s guilt-free and better compared to other artificial substitution. A brand that we could use would be LEAF LIFE STEVIA. Very affordable and is something that would let you give into your sweet indulgence. Other than that, stevia actually has 0 calories and could help lower blood pressure and eases digestion. LEAF LIFE STEVIA gives you an affordable way to get your sweetness on. In an easy to bring packet, you could have this with your coffee and other drinks.
Leaflife Stevia is available with a SRP of Php 160. You could check out their website at .