Sodium Ascorbate Mega Veggie C

Mega Veggie C


Mega Veggie C uses vegetable capsules, which are all natural and retain all the advantages of standard two-piece capsules. These vegetable capsules are easy to swallow and effectively mask taste and odor. They are starch, gluten and preservative free, and meet the cultural and strict dietary needs of customers that choose a vegetarian lifestyle.
Mega Veggie C fights off the effects of having high cholesterol. This waxy substance repairs micro fractures of blood vessel walls, but the sticky nature of cholesterol when filling in these micro fractures promotes the build-up of more cholesterol at these areas of blood vessel walls. Mega Veggie C prevents the build-up of cholesterol and subsequent blockages of blood vessels will not occur.

Product Description

MEGA VEGGIE C! Your Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C. UPGRADE NOW!
In fine powder form
Alkaline-based w/ a pH range of 7.5 – 7.8
100% fiber plant-based, chlorophyll enriched capsule
No maillard reaction
Capsule moisture content – 6%
No preservatives and uses natural color
Stable over a wider range of temperature / humidity
Make the BIG switch to VEGGIE C!
Hasten wound healing
Fight stress
Strengthen the immune system
Help lower blood sugar and cholesterol
Avoid nose bleeds
Experience better digestion
Stay clear from gum problems
Maintain a healthy cardiovascular system
Smoothen and whiten your skin
Prevent cataract
Protect yourself from negative effects of pollution


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