Is Stevia Safe For Kids? Yes, No, and Maybe.


Any parent will know that it is always a good idea to regulate the sugar intake of your kids. Too much sugar has been linked to a number of health issues such as childhood obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, mood swings, and other behavioral issues.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to completely deprive your little ones of sweet treats like cookies and ice cream. Rather, it is more about making smart decisions and choosing better alternatives for them.


It is important to remember, of course, that not all sugar substitutes are created equal. So what, then, is the best option when it comes to your kids? Could stevia be the answer? Yes, no, and maybe.


YES, because of the many benefits of using stevia. Stevia leaf extract is more than 100 times sweeter than sugar, so you need not use a lot of it for food preparation. When you add stevia to your food, it does not add any extra calories to the dish. This can help curb childhood obesity and help with weight management. Stevia is also great sugar alternative for diabetics and people with blood pressure issues.


Another benefit of stevia is that can help with oral health. It does not cause cavities or tooth decay, another health issue that many children suffer from. Just remember that moderation is the key when it comes to giving this sugar substitute to your kids, as with all other things.


You can use stevia in so many things, from hot and cold drinks to baked goods to sauces. It’s a great way to ensure that your kids enjoy the meals and treats you make for them while still focusing on their health and well-being.


NO, when your stevia contains additives, or artificial ingredients and flavoring. In this case, paying extra attention to nutrition facts, ingredient lists and food labels in the things you buy is essential. Just as not all sugar substitutes are the same, not all brands of stevia are created equally either. Remember that, when it comes to nourishing your kids, all-natural is really the way to go.


MAYBE, provided your child does not have any allergic reactions to stevia. Keep an eye out as well for any other issues such as hypoglycemia or extreme weight loss. In case of any problems or concerns, be sure to consult with your pediatrician immediately.


As a matter of fact, it is probably best to consult with your pediatrician or healthcare provider before you choose to give your kids stevia, especially for babies and toddlers. While the facts show that stevia could potentially be one of the best options for parents who want to avoid sugar overload in kids, proper guidance from a doctor or nutritionist is always a good thing.


LeafLife Stevia is 100% natural with no artificial flavors added, making it a very good option for you. It is also affordable, and won’t do any damage to your household budget. Any parent or homemaker would agree that this sounds like a really good thing.