Losing weight is always one of the top new year’s resolutions people have right after the “hedonistic” holidays. All the fatty, calorie-rich food and beverages we consumed over the holidays have now been converted into extra cheeks, wider waistlines, and could have probably already caused a few wardrobe dilemmas these past few weeks. The Leaflife Stevia ® team gathered some great tips that cover the bases to help you succeed in your quest for a healthier you!

1. Get into the Right Mindset

Start here. The crucial question you must ask yourself from the get-go is: “Why do I want to lose weight?” Be honest about your core motivation. Is it about bolstering your self-esteem? Do you feel sluggish and want more energy? Whatever it is, focusing on why the transformation is necessary and clearly defining the reasons behind it would make it easier to adjust and stick to your fitness goals.

2. Set Measurable, Realistic Goals

You know you want to lose weight. How much weight do you want to lose? Is it 15 pounds? 30? 50? A 100? Make sure you stick to a healthy, baseline weight for your built. Setting realistic, attainable goals for your fitness plan like losing 1-2 lbs per week (2 lbs is per week is the known healthy recommended maximum weight-loss rate), or cutting out for example, 250-500 calories a day from your diet, working out a certain number of days with set minutes or hours that would fit your lifestyle.

There are applications like MyFitnessPal to help record your progress, and modify diet and exercise practices as needed.

3. Stick to a Routine Schedule

It takes 2 weeks (21 days) to form a regular habit for most people. Be consistent in maintaining good eating, sleeping and exercise schedules. Never skip breakfast, as it gives you the energy needed to start your day right. Swap sugary breakfast cereals with oatmeal sweetened with an all-natural sugar substitute like Leaflife Stevia! ® You can add fruits for a healthy, fruity breakfast.

Get 8 hours of shuteye as much as possible. People who get too much or little amount of sleep daily have been found to be very susceptible to having weight problems.

4. Share your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight with Family & Friends

This would help you stay accountable, especially on days when you are losing your mojo. If you are losing weight for the right reasons, your loved ones would be glad to help out in any way they can for sure. Sharing your fitness goals to housemates who love fatty dishes might even be encouraged to change their food habits for the better. You may also search for online communities or groups for doses of inspiration and motivation from likeminded people.

5. Eat and Drink Well

Watch what you eat, as well as your food portions. It’s not just food that you have to be careful with, but your beverage choices, too. There are many diets that might work wonders for you, like the ketogenic diet. Also known as the keto diet, dieters are made to have low carb intake, and replace it with fat (low-carb, high fat or LCHF). Doing this allows the body to go into a state called ketosis, which aids weight-loss.

Stay away from alcohol. Stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water (or more!) daily. Keep away from sugary sodas, frappes or instant juices. Opt for natural fruit juices that you could sweeten with zero-carb artificial sweeteners like Leaflife Stevia.®

Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite snacks. Consuming them as rewards in small portions once or twice a week would be great. For example, instead of finishing a whole big bag of potato chips in one sitting, divide it into smaller portions you could consume throughout the week.

Julie Upton, RP, Health.com’s resident dietician says it is better to “make peace with your trigger foods,” because dieters who completely deprive themselves will most often “binge eat and revert back to their old eating patterns.”

Do forgive yourself for slip-ups like missing workouts, or having an extra glass of wine when you know you shouldn’t! When that happens, just recalibrate and recommit to your goals. Check in with us regularly for some easy, sugar-free Leaflife Stevia ® recipes you can make.

Here’s to a fitter, better you this 2017! Go work it!